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What does "success" mean to you? And how do you get there?  

The Gurus & Game Changers Video Podcast  follows the paths of influential leaders from humble beginnings and/or seemingly insurmountable obstacles to where they are now.


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Nikki Stanzione: From TV Show, "Friends" to American Idol & Reading Lines with Johnny Depp

Emme: From World-Renowned, Curvy Super Model to Body Appreciation Advocate

Ed Doherty: From Self-Proclaimed 'A*****e Chef' to Compassionate Leader

Scott D. Clary: From Successful Sales and Marketing Executive to 22+ Million Podcast Downloads

Shaun Zeigler: From Kindergarten Candy Salesman to Saving the World's Culture


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The How

Everyone can be a guru and change their game every day. In this podcast you'll find out how.

The Why

Our criteria is simple: Are we inspired by the story our guests have to tell? Can we learn from them? Then, hell yes, let's hear it and share it with our audience.

Co-hosts, Stacey Grant and Mark Lubragge speak to intriguing people from all over the world. We find our guests in business, entertainment, sports. They come from anywhere and everywhere.

The What

Gurus & Game Changers INterviewed here: 

Interested in being a guest?

Reach out and let us know how you tackled obstacles, risen above challenges and orchestrated success in every aspect of your life! Your greatest challenge could become someone else's success story. 

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Owner | Main Line Studios & The Podcast Factory


Stacey Grant

Meet our team of experienced professionals who are curious about the human spirit and how someone's greatest obstacle could lead to another person's triumph!

Stacey enjoys walks on the beach, sunsets and listening to incredibly engaging human interest stories. Her years in the tv and video production industry coupled with her Positive Psychology classes from The University of Pennsylvania spark her insatiable need to deeply understand how people thrive in the face of challenges.

Talent Agency Co-Founder, Host & Spokesperson Trainer, Marketing Professor


Mark Lubragge

Mark's an unstoppable ball of energy who runs a Talent Agency. Hence, he manages all of the talent management and communication for G&G. His years of live, on-air, hosting experience at QVC tees him up to be a curious and smart interviewer who listens and responds with care.

Cinematographer, Editor

Studio Tech

Eric LaCasse

Eric is a technical magician who keeps it all running smoothly with ease. His 22 years of directing QVC live broadcasts along with a past skydiving hobby ensures that he has nerves of steel when it comes to video and audio engineering on set. Then, he edits the episodes with speed and creativity.

- Maddalena

"Stacey and Mark are not simply professionals, they are amazing people with the rare quality of authenticity on and off screen."

Five Stars:

- Emme

"Your prep and your thoroughness ... I just appreciate that. Not everybody in the podcasting world does that."

Five Stars:

- Anthony

"Loved being a part of this podcast! Mark and Stacey were exceptionally welcoming and a pleasure to work with."

Five Stars: