Are you a Guru or Game Changer?  How have you tackled obstacles, risen above challenges and orchestrated success in every aspect of your life? Your greatest challenge could become someone's greatest triumph. We want to hear about it. 

Gurus & Game changers interviewed here

  • The goal is to share the best of you with your audience 
  • By revealing the “WHY” behind your experiences – good and bad – you will be a powerful Guru and Game Changing force
  • This is an interview show about you and designed to help the audience learn and grow
  • Prepare to have some fun along the way

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ep. 01.

Nikki Stanzione

Have you ever wondered what being a working actress/spokesperson looks and feels like? 

Nikki's hilarious experiences and her intriguing stories about working on and auditioning for major soap operas, tv shows, movies - meeting major movie stars and hosting live shopping and game shows is sure make you smile. 


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