The life of Marc Boriosi is nothing short of a riveting novel, filled with the glamor of New York’s elite, the allure of secret societies, and the humbling path to self-discovery and altruism. In the latest episode of the Gurus and Game Changers podcast, we dive deep into the extraordinary odyssey of a man who […]

The Fascinating Tale of Marc Boriosi: From Glitz to Guidance

Jennifer Arthurton on Gurus & Game Changers podcast cover, symbolizing midlife empowerment and transformation.

Discovering Jennifer Arthurton’s Midlife Empowerment The Journey Towards Midlife Empowerment with Jennifer Arthurton The inevitable march of time brings us to significant milestones that society often views with trepidation—especially for women. Turning the big 5-0, navigating menopause, and adjusting to empty nests are seen as daunting. Yet, what if this period doesn’t signify an end, […]

Finding Midlife Empowerment: How Jennifer Arthurton Redefines Aging with Grace