Shaun Ziegler Fasting

Shaun Ziegler – Profound 40-Day Water Fast Welcome back to another episode of Gurus and Game Changers, where we delve deep into the stories of individuals who are redefining the limits of human potential. Today’s episode is a particularly enthralling tale that not only challenges our conventional understanding of health and wellness but also offers […]

Shaun Ziegler: On Surviving 40 Days Without Food

Our latest podcast episode explores the inspiring journey of true entrepreneur, Shaun Ziegler. From a candy vendor in a kindergarten lunchroom to a tech innovator pushing boundaries, Shaun’s story embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship.  As a child, Shaun demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit by selling lollipops before even understanding multiplication. Later, as a young landscape business […]

Shaun Ziegler: Game-Changing The World’s Culture