John Moyer: The Leap From Comedy to Hypnotherapy

The intriguing journey of John Moyer, a master hypnotist, award-winning comedian, and accomplished screenwriter, is nothing short of captivating. His path from comedy to hypnosis and his transition from a difficult phase in life to improbable success is a tale of transformation and courage. Moyer’s narrative is filled with dark humor, surprising twists, and profound insights into the mind’s power.

Growing up, Moyer observed his father pursue a passion for music as a hobby while working a full-time job he despised. This made him question his own choices when he reached a personal and professional crossroads. No longer finding joy in his comedy routines and struggling with personal issues, Moyer was at the brink of despair. Then, he saw a stage hypnotist performing to a full house and decided to pivot.


John Moyer: The Leap From Comedy to Hypnotherapy

Undeterred by doubts, Moyer taught himself the art of hypnosis. His transition wasn’t merely about a career change, but a transformation of his own mindset. He started a daily practice of self-hypnosis and meditation. As he applied his knowledge to help others, he saw his life change dramatically. He began to perform at corporate events and was even flown across the country for gigs, a far cry from his days performing stand-up in small bars.


In this episode, Moyer also sheds light on the fascinating world of hypnosis. He shares riveting stories from his shows, such as performing at Comic Con and hypnotizing entire audiences. He elaborates on the different techniques used in hypnosis and the power of suggestion. He even discusses the use of spirit guides in his practice and how they can help people overcome everyday challenges.


The power of the subconscious mind is evident in Moyer’s story. He firmly believes in the ability to rewire our minds, much like building muscle in a gym. His approach to hypnosis and meditation allows people to align their subconscious mind with their conscious goals. The transformation he underwent personally and professionally is a testament to the mind’s power.


This podcast episode also delves into Moyer’s use of platforms like YouTube to share his talent with a wider audience. He discusses the YouTube algorithm, the rise of interest in sleep hypnosis and meditation, and how these tools can benefit individuals.


The story of John Moyer is a compelling narrative of self-reinvention, courage, and the power of the mind. It is a riveting confluence of comedy, hypnosis, and transformation that leaves a lasting impression. Tune in to this episode to delve into Moyer’s hypnotic odyssey and be inspired by his remarkable journey from comedy to hypnosis.


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John Moyer: The Leap From Comedy to Hypnotherapy

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