Hugging it Out to Heal with Hilary Russo

Hilary Russo

Hugging it Out to Heal with Hilary Russo

If you have ever found yourself grappling with the everyday stresses of modern life and trying to strike a balance between work, family, and sleep, you are not alone. Life’s challenges can sometimes seem insurmountable, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. However, before giving in to the pressure, there is a path you can take towards self-healing. This journey involves holistic wellness and was beautifully articulated in a recent podcast episode by certified holistic health coach, Hilary Russo.

Self Compassion and Gratitude is Key

In the enlightening podcast, Hilary Russo shared her experiences and knowledge in the field of holistic healing. She explained how self-compassion, positive self-talk, and the transformative power of the “think method” can guide us through life’s challenges. She also introduced the idea of a Joy Jar and a humorous phrase, “it ain’t nothing but a chicken wing”, as tools to reframe our perspective on life’s little frustrations.

Hilary also shared her personal journey of finding closure after her father’s passing, underlining the importance of creating room for positivity in the grieving process. This touching story highlighted the power of holistic healing in emotional wellness. Furthermore, she touched on her experiences in filmmaking, theatre, and podcasting, as well as the unique virtual event she hosts, the Havening Happy Hour.

Positive Self Talk

Hilary’s guidance on self-compassion encourages us to confront our internal naysayers and nurture positive self-talk. This approach can help us better engage with our families, overcome work challenges, and find more restful sleep. She advocates for the “think method”, a powerful tool for keeping our thoughts in check and cultivating positivity.

The concept of a Joy Jar, as shared by Hilary, serves as a tool for maintaining gratitude and positive thinking. By placing daily notes of things that bring us joy into this jar, we can reflect on these moments at the end of the year, promoting a mindset of gratitude. This practice can prove particularly beneficial during challenging times like the holiday season.


In the podcast episode, Hilary, a certified practitioner of Havening Techniques, explains the power of Havening as a tool for holistic wellness and self-compassion. Havening, she explains, is a scientifically-proven method that works with our subconscious mind, helping us manage stress, promote self-healing, and foster positive self-talk. She advocates for Havening as a way to soothe and regulate oneself. It’s about asking ourselves the right questions before we go to sleep, so our subconscious can work on providing solutions while we rest. Havening, in Hilary’s practice, is part of a larger concept of self-empowerment and self-compassion, helping us navigate through life’s challenges and towards holistic healing.

HUG it Out

“HUG it out,” she urges listeners, is a central mantra in Havening. It is a simple, yet profound method that uses the power of touch to soothe the mind and body. By hugging ourselves, we are not only giving our body the physical comfort it craves but also sending a powerful message to our brain that we are safe, loved, and valued. The process involves the act of self-hugging, fostering a comforting and positive mindset. In essence, Havening is about being kind to one’s mind, recognizing our human emotions, and determining how long we want to dwell in negative spaces. 

Hilary Russo on Holistic Wellness

In addition to sharing practical tools for self-healing, Hilary’s journey demonstrates the power of holistic wellness in fostering emotional and physical health. Her work, her experiences, and her wisdom serve as a guide for those looking to navigate life’s challenges with a positive mindset and self-compassion.

Ultimately, Hilary Russo’s guide to holistic healing encourages us to be kind to our minds, question our negative thoughts, and harness the power of gratitude. Her work is an inspiring reminder of the transformative power of self-compassion and holistic healing. By adopting her tools and strategies, we can make each tomorrow a little better and live a more balanced, joyful life.

In the world of holistic healing, Hilary Russo is truly a guiding light, showing us the pathway to peace and self-compassion. She serves as a beacon of hope, reminding us all that healing begins within, and that each of us has the power to make tomorrow a better day.

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Hugging it Out to Heal with Hilary Russo

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