Carla Showell-Lee: From Driving Bill Cosby to TV News Broadcasting to SEPTA Comms

From Driving Bill Cosby to TV News Broadcasting to SEPTA Comms: Carla Showell-Lee

Carla Showell-Lee

For those who are intrigued by the world of media, fascinated by personal journeys of successful individuals, or simply seeking an inspiring story, the recent podcast episode featuring Carla Showell-Lee is a must-listen. Known for her vibrant personality and dynamic career that spans television to the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), Carla’s candid conversation unravels the layers of her professional journey, and it’s an account that is both compelling and inspiring.

Early Days of Carla Showell-Lee

The podcast starts with Carla Showell-Lee’s recollection of her early days in broadcasting, revealing her journey from being a smile-talking media spokesperson to handling crisis communication for SEPTA. Her varied background, from hosting Comcast Newsmaker to becoming the deputy chief officer of integrated communication programs at SEPTA, adds a unique depth to her story.

Bill Cosby’s Show, ‘You Bet Your Life’

The chapter focusing on her experiences with Bill Cosby, where she served as his driver and audience coordinator, unveils a different side of Carla’s career. Her tales of creatively filling Cosby’s audience and how it led her to television production add an unexpected twist to her professional journey.

The podcast episode further dives into Carla’s career highlights and reflections. Here, she opens up about the challenges of the media industry, the importance of being open to criticism, and the people who’ve helped her along the way. A testament to her resilience and drive, Carla’s career story is a testament to her zeal for life.

Fear of Public Speaking… Really?

An intriguing part of the podcast focuses on Carla’s personal experiences of overcoming fear and nervousness in live interviews. She candidly shares her personal strategies for handling intimidating guests and maintaining comfort in front of the camera.

The Pink Cadillac

From her start as a Mary Kay consultant to her transition to SEPTA, Carla’s story emphasizes the importance of taking risks and seizing opportunities. Her discussion about her involvement with Elelor House, an organization that empowers and educates young women of color, and her reflections on her family upbringing reveal the influences that have shaped her both personally and professionally.

Try Not to Smile

This podcast episode is more than just a narration of Carla Showell-Lee’s career. It’s a blend of insight, emotion, and plenty of laughter that offers a wealth of wisdom, humor, and inspiration. For anyone looking to kick-start their day with an inspiring story, Carla’s candid account of her dynamic career is worth a listen.

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Carla Showell-Lee: From Driving Bill Cosby to TV News Broadcasting to SEPTA Comms

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