Exploring the Emotional and Functional Power of Design with Lisa Roberts

Design’s Impact on Our Lives

Design infiltrates every aspect of our existence, shaping our world in subtle yet profound ways. In an engaging episode of the “Gurus and Game Changers” podcast, hosts Mark and Stacey, alongside design visionary Lisa Roberts, delve into how design influences our daily lives, sparking emotional connections with everyday objects and paving the way for the future of design.

The Influence of Design with Lisa Roberts

Throughout the podcast, Lisa Roberts, a trailblazer in design and innovation, shares her journey and the significant, often unnoticed role of design. From everyday essentials like iPhones to Dyson vacuums, Roberts discusses the intricate design decisions that marry aesthetics with functionality, enhancing our daily experiences.

Roberts also offers a glimpse into her personal collection of “Antiques of the Future,” highlighting items destined to become treasured heirlooms, such as the Whistling Bird T-Kettle and Marcel Wanders’ Balloon Chair, which stand as testaments to the blend of humor, innovation, and good design.

Journey of a Surface Design Trailblazer

The episode also features an inspiring story of a cut-paper artist turned surface design pioneer. Transitioning from an architectural background to product design, she discusses her success in licensing her designs for various product categories and the joy of seeing her artwork become a part of everyday life. The episode touches on the art of collecting and the deliberate curation of objects that reflect personal taste and tell a story.




The Emotional Impact of Everyday Design

During the episode, Lisa Roberts delves into the emotional impact of high design, from its architectural roots to its presence in everyday products. Highlighting how design elicits emotional responses, Roberts underscores its crucial role in crafting aesthetically pleasing, functional objects that enhance our daily lives.

A Masterclass in Design Appreciation

The conversation offers listeners a deep appreciation for the objects that fill their lives, positioning the podcast as a masterclass in design appreciation. It encourages an understanding of the power behind good design and the stories of iconic objects, urging us to see the potential in objects to become cherished antiques of the future.

Design and Philanthropy: A Transformative Duo

Roberts, leveraging her dual roles in design and philanthropy, provides insights into how philanthropic efforts within the creative community can have a monumental impact. Her dedication to educational initiatives and diversifying the design industry exemplifies the potent combination of creativity and altruism.

Antiques of the Future

This episode prompts a reevaluation of the design world, encouraging a deeper, more informed appreciation of everyday objects’ design and artistry. Listeners are invited to explore design with a keen eye, becoming connoisseurs of design in their own lives.

For anyone interested in design, innovation, and the stories behind the objects we use every day, this podcast episode is a must-listen. Tune in to the “Gurus and Game Changers” podcast for a compelling journey into the heart of design with Lisa Roberts.

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Exploring the Emotional and Functional Power of Design with Lisa Roberts

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