The Art of Committing

Let’s talk about Committing. We’re all artists, dreaming of creating work that moves people. Dreaming of finally hitting record and releasing our self-expression into the world.

But we don’t commit.

Instead, we endlessly date the tools and toys we think will spark our creative promiscuity. Forever romancing new mics, cameras, plugins and platforms under the empty promise: “Once I have this, then I’ll really create.”

But our art remains shackled in the bedroom of maybe. Trapped by our unwillingness to stop courting future solutions and simply commit to doing the work now.

The truth?

You already have everything you need to create. All the tools you require are between your ears. That thundering self-doubt, however, the insecurity convincing you that you’re never quite ready – that’s the only thing holding you hostage.

Pros understand: The gear never makes the art, the artist does. All the latest gadgets simply transfer your artistic ideas from your mind into the real world, imperfectly. And sometimes, utilizing a professional recording studio can help smooth out those inevitable imperfections.

So why keep dating options? Why not proudly take your imperfect ideas down the aisle and commit to sharing your honest perspective with the world, in real time?

Sure, studios and mentors can help accelerate your learning. But they’ll never build your confidence and commitment, two essential assets no creator can live without.

Wake up. Look yourself in the mirror. Then say, “You are already enough as you are. It’s time to commit to your art.”

Once you commit to creating – not dating creation – you birth the portfolio that births connection. Maybe, eventually, even changing the world through your chosen self-expression.

But it all starts by finally tying the sacred knot with your deepest self as an artist and committing to creating something real with whatever raw tools you have today.

Forget dating. It’s time to commit.

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The Art of Committing

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