Introducing The Gurus & Game Changers Podcast

The Podcast Factory at Main Line Studios proudly presents The Gurus & Game Changers Podcast premiering on September 12th, 2023. Future episodes will drop every Tuesday at 12 AM ET. We’re thrilled to share these conversations that we believe will entertain & inform you.

What does “success” mean to you? And how do you get there?

Gurus & Game Changers  follows the paths of influential leaders from humble beginnings and/or seemingly insurmountable obstacles to where they are now. What keeps them going, learning and doing while still being content in their personal lives? And how do they do it every day?

Co-hosts, Stacey Grant and Mark Lubragge speak to intriguing people from all over the world. We find our guests in business, entertainment, sports. They come from anywhere and everywhere.

Our criteria is simple: Are we inspired by the story our guests have to tell?  Can we learn from them? Then, hell yes, let’s hear it and share it with our audience.

Our guests are both well known and obscure, fueled by passion, an internal engine that propels them toward success. But it wasn’t always that way. These casual chats are unfiltered stories of formidable obstacles, moments of staggering self-doubt & the misfortune of confidence-breaking failures followed by rising above it all.
Listen ANYWHERE YOU LISTEN TO PODCASTS or watch on YOUTUBE to discover a new guru, be inspired to change your game or just enjoy the ride. For more information about the new Gurus & Game Changers Podcast or to be a guest, visit our page.

Gurus & Game Changers




Introducing The Gurus & Game Changers Podcast

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