Main Line Studios: How Our Creative Studio Rental Works

We opened our studio doors this past month and started welcoming those looking to get creative and tell their story. We know that renting out a studio can seem daunting, especially for those who don’t typically work in the photo/video production space. Do not fret, our team is always here to help. And today we are breaking down the studio rental space process from start to finish. 

Getting Started Booking Our Photo and Video Studio

If you’re reading this blog post, I assume you’re on, or have been on, our site before –– but for good measure, be sure to poke around if you haven’t already. Our site provides our package options to help you make an informed decision on what kind of studio package would be best based on the scope of  your current project. 

We have different options and packages for different types of projects, be it photography, videography –– or any other creative need you may have, including hosting a meeting. Our team is happy to connect and discuss the best option for your project, and can even create a custom package.

After selecting the right package, you can book right on our site and select the date(s) needed for your project. 

We also have additional options that you can choose from to add on to your package choice –– everything from equipment rental, green screen, hard drives, etc. 

The Day Of Your Studio Rental Booking

On the day(s) of your project, Dan, our studio tech will meet you and welcome you in to get started. Even if your selected package and project does not include production support from our team, we will always have someone on standby to answer any questions and ensure everything is running smoothly on the studio end. 

Photo Studio Rental Philadelphia

Post Production 

So you’ve successfully wrapped your project (First of all, congrats –– it’s no small feat). So, now what?

If you’d like to come back and create a series of content, we have monthly memberships that will give you all the studio time you need (and allow you to save in the process)!

Need help with editing and graphics in post? Our partner company, Koi-Fly Creative is here to help! They are true creative wizards when it comes to post production, and are happy to help with any projects on a case by case basis! Reach out to Koi-Fly or discuss your needs with our studio tech for a consultation (you’ll love them – we promise).

Let’s Connect  

We are so excited to continue welcoming more projects into our studio. We also understand that every project that comes through our studio door will be different –– and we are super excited about that.

Please reach out to us to connect and discuss your project and how we can help. We’re here to provide easy access to a studio, with free reign of creativity, top of the line technology, and the necessary tools to create content that drives real value for you or your team. 

Get started today! 

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Main Line Studios: How Our Creative Studio Rental Works

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