Brandon DeShields: From Incarceration to Empowerment

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Gurus & Game Changers Episode 6: Brandon DeShields

On Episode 6 of Gurus and Game Changers we had the privilege of hosting a captivating conversation with Brandon DeShields of Morpht Fitness, a beacon of inspiration, and Carolina Cabrera, a story of resilience.

Brandon DeShields has a remarkable story of transformation from a life of crime to becoming an inspiration for many. He started dealing drugs at 15, and spent a decade in and out of prison.  At a low point during his stint in jail, Brandon decided to end his life. But on that day, while waiting for the right moment, he read a book and it changed the trajectory of his life.

This episode delves deep into the concept of personal responsibility and its role in molding our identities. Brandon DeShields shares his philosophy of being a support tree for others, a belief that was echoed by Carolina’s anecdotes of how Brandon’s story has motivated her. The discussion underscores the importance of long-term decision-making and the influence of a challenging and stimulating environment on our growth.

Brandon’s fitness and personal training journey also takes center stage. He shares his unique methodology of connecting with people through his past experiences while maintaining their comfort. The conversation highlights the critical role of emotions in our lives and the significance of a stimulating and challenging environment in personal growth.

In the episode, Carolina and Brandon discuss the importance of self-control, making positive changes, and using our emotions to our advantage. They share their experiences and insights on how to stay focused on our goals and how to use time wisely. They also highlight the value of showing respect and appreciation to others.

The podcast concludes with a discussion on the importance of making the right decisions, thinking beyond the superficial, and the influence of music and media. Brandon emphasizes the importance of making choices with a greater purpose and not being swayed by the opinions and expectations of others.

Listening to this episode is like uncovering a goldmine of wisdom and motivation. It is an exploration of resilience, decision-making, and personal growth that will leave you inspired and empowered.

In summary, Brandon De Shields’ transformational journey to empowerment is a testament to the power of resilience and personal growth. His story is a beacon of hope, demonstrating that no matter how dire your circumstances, you have the power to shape your destiny through personal responsibility, long-term decision-making, and harnessing the power of a challenging environment.


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Brandon DeShields: From Incarceration to Empowerment

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