MarketLIVE – Weekly Live Streaming at Main Line Studios


At Main Line Studios, we are proud to host some of the most innovative and exciting clients in the world of live streaming. Among our valued clients, one that stands out for its groundbreaking approach to eCommerce and live broadcasting is MarketLIVE. MarketLIVE is revolutionizing the way brands and creators connect with their audience, and they do it in style right here at Main Line Studios every Wednesday. In this spotlight, we’ll take you behind the scenes of MarketLIVE’s weekly live streaming events and explore how they’re changing the game in social shopping.


MarketLIVE: Pioneers of Centralized eCommerce

MarketLIVE is a trailblazing eCommerce platform that has set out to redefine the online shopping experience. Their mission is to empower brands, content creators, influencers, personalities, and retailers of all sizes to create highly immersive and entertaining social shopping experiences. What makes MarketLIVE truly unique is its centralized approach, bringing together diverse sellers from around the world under one virtual roof.


The Weekly Show: A Glimpse into MarketLIVE’s Magic

One of MarketLIVE’s most exciting initiatives is their weekly live streaming extravaganza, hosted right here at Main Line Studios. This dynamic show is a must-watch for anyone interested in the convergence of eCommerce and entertainment. MarketLIVE’s weekly show is a blend of commerce and content, with two charismatic hosts leading the way:

  1. Smitty’s List with Craig Smith: Craig Smith, a seasoned presenter, and host takes the stage, bringing a wealth of knowledge and charisma to the show. With a keen eye for trends and an engaging on-screen presence, Craig Smith makes every broadcast an entertaining and informative experience. FYI this will be re-titled, ‘Deals of the Day’ with Craig Smith starting Wednesday, October 4th.
  2. All Things Alli – Love, Beauty & Fashion: Alli, a beauty and fashion expert, joins the show to provide viewers with valuable insights into the latest trends in the world of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Her passion for style and her engaging personality make her segments a highlight of the weekly show.


The Live Shopping Experience

During MarketLIVE’s weekly live streaming event, viewers have the opportunity to engage with hosts and sellers in real-time. This interactive format allows customers to ask questions, get product recommendations, and make purchases seamlessly—all from the comfort of their homes. It’s like having a personal shopping assistant at your fingertips.

MarketLIVE’s commitment to creating an immersive shopping experience is evident in every aspect of their production. With the support of Main Line Studios’ state-of-the-art facilities, they are able to deliver high-quality, professional broadcasts that captivate audiences and drive sales.


Conclusion on MarketLIVE at Main Line Studios

MarketLIVE’s weekly live streaming event at Main Line Studios is a testament to the future of eCommerce. Their innovative approach to centralized eCommerce, combined with the entertainment value of live broadcasting, is reshaping how consumers shop online. As MarketLIVE continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in social shopping, we are thrilled to be their trusted partner in providing the platform and facilities needed to make their vision a reality. Stay tuned for more exciting broadcasts and collaborations from MarketLIVE and Main Line Studios as we continue to redefine the world of eCommerce and live streaming together. Tune in HERE on Wednesday at noon to start shopping!!

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MarketLIVE – Weekly Live Streaming at Main Line Studios

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