Wear This, Say More


In-studio or on Zoom, you’re about to step into the limelight. But what will you wear? It’s not about vanity. It’s about respect – for your ideas, your audience, and yourself.

In the Studio

Cameras are unforgiving, but they’re also your friends.
Solid colors create focus. Patterns create noise.
Matte fabrics absorb light. Shiny ones reflect your nervousness.
Your whole body is in frame – even your shoes. Dress accordingly.

On Zoom

Your upper body is the canvas. Paint it wisely.
Your background is part of your outfit. What story does it tell?
Lighting isn’t just technical. It’s part of your presence.
The frame is tighter. Details matter more.

Both Worlds

Comfort isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity for clear thinking.
Accessories whisper, not shout.
Grooming says, “I care about this conversation.”
Posture speaks volumes. What is yours saying?

Colors: The Silent Communicators

Think colors don’t matter? Think again.

Red screams for attention. But do you want to be a stop sign? Fluorescent blinds. Are you a highlighter or a thought leader? Black fades into the void. Don’t let your ideas disappear with you. White reflects. But you want to absorb attention, not deflect it. Mini prints and thin stripes? They create a dizzying dance on camera. Moire effect. Look it up.

What’s left? Blues. Greens. Earth tones. Solid. Dependable. Professional.

Colors that say, “Listen to my words, not my wardrobe.”

Remember: Your outfit shouldn’t compete with your ideas. It should frame them.

Choose colors that complement, not complicate. Your message is colorful enough.

Is your palette ready for prime time?

The real secret?
Your best outfit is confidence.
Your best accessory is authenticity.
Your best look is being prepared.

What will you choose to amplify your message?


The audience isn’t judging your fashion.
They’re judging whether to listen.
Every element of your appearance is a subtle cue.
These cues add up to a powerful impression.

Give them every reason to lean in.

The clothes don’t make the expert, but they can unmake one.
Choose wisely.

Test your look. On camera. Before the big day.
Would you listen to you?

Your ideas deserve the best presentation.
Your audience deserves your full consideration.
You deserve to feel unshakably confident.

What will you wear to change the world today?

Photo Credit: Nicole Salerno

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Wear This, Say More

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