In-studio or on Zoom, you’re about to step into the limelight. But what will you wear? It’s not about vanity. It’s about respect – for your ideas, your audience, and yourself. In the Studio Cameras are unforgiving, but they’re also your friends. Solid colors create focus. Patterns create noise. Matte fabrics absorb light. Shiny […]

Wear This, Say More


  At Main Line Studios, we are proud to host some of the most innovative and exciting clients in the world of live streaming. Among our valued clients, one that stands out for its groundbreaking approach to eCommerce and live broadcasting is MarketLIVE. MarketLIVE is revolutionizing the way brands and creators connect with their audience, […]

MarketLIVE – Weekly Live Streaming at Main Line Studios

We opened our studio doors this past month and started welcoming those looking to get creative and tell their story. We know that renting out a studio can seem daunting, especially for those who don’t typically work in the photo/video production space. Do not fret, our team is always here to help. And today we are […]

Main Line Studios: How Our Creative Studio Rental Works

West Chester studio rental space

Hi, We’re Main Line Studios, a West Chester studio rental space! From the team that brought you Koi-Fly, we are incredibly excited (and proud!) to announce the grand opening of Main Line Studios –– a creative photo and video rental studio space located in the heart of West Chester, Pennsylvania.  Our team wanted to build […]

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